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People have to weigh in to buy in. -Patrick Lencioni
Start with the end in mind

Helping clients reach an “elevated outcome” -- meaning an outcome that’s even better than they expected -- is the finish line that guides my work. Grounded in this goal, I return back to the starting line, designing a process in collaboration with clients that drives impactful results.

Playbook (1).jpg
Design a new “playbook” for each project and client

I fully customize a process that leads to clients' end goal.  It is this thoughtful, intentional approach, combined with a good dose of creativity and humor that produces transformative conversations.

Every voice has value

It is my job to bring out each participant’s voice and cultivate genuine connection across diverse groups.  In the end, not only does this help achieve the best outcome, but also builds and strengthens relationships and community.

Be strategic

I consider myself a “strategic facilitator” because I use a long-term, big-picture approach to help clients solve complex, broad organizational issues. My experience has focused on nonprofits experiencing transitions. I understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the non-profit space.

Create lasting change

You will not only have a deliverable for the project but a foundation on which to carry effective problem solving and productive conversations for months/years after I leave.

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