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One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.
-Linda Lambert

Lauren makes process an art form. Her foresight to think through every step along the way -- and move and dodge as needed --  brought our Board and leadership team to a better place than we ever expected.

Right after Lauren left, the group regretted that we did not invite her earlier. I see a lot of motivation and ownership in the team members after the retreat. It was one of the most professional and well-prepared programs I’ve ever attended.

Lauren is not just a facilitator.  She truly is a strategic facilitator, meaning she creates exciting dialogue that leads to meaningful outcomes.  Her guidance and thoughtful approach were critical to get my board moving together toward a new strategic plan.


My mission is to design and guide transformative conversations that lead to high impact, lasting outcomes.

Lauren was beyond prepared, yet remained flexible to our needs. The [retreat] had a perfect balance of “touchy feely” and practical activities.

Getting an entire congregation, board, and leadership team to agree on a new mission for our organization was no small task.  Lauren miraculously made it work. She made every single stakeholder feel valued and heard.

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